Brian Amoroso


Once Upon A time...

My Name is Brian Amoroso. I  reside in Ocala Florida, and I primarily work out of my studio there.  Currently I am switching my focus from music production and songwriting to voice acting, and production of marketing and commercial type audio.  

A little about my past... I was born in Bridgeport Ct. in 1973 and moved down to Florida in 1991.  While in New England I started writing and performing music professionally a the age of 13,  garnered some label interest by my late teens  and decided to move to Florida when my more successful endeavors did not pan out as hoped.  In that time however I began learning about audio recoding and developed a love for sound design and audio.  Learning various techniques in analog recordings and the early digital styles.  Once in Florida, I stumbled upon a club that needed a full time Emcee and I began a career in talking (1991) which lasted for 33 years.  Early on I got my first Voiceover job with an amusement company and was the voice for most of the county fair rides in the early nineties telling people to keep their hands and feet inside the ride at all times and warning people with heart conditions to exercise caution.  I did this for a small sum of money and for the experience- and I had a blast.  all the while I have managed to get a degree in Audio Engineering from Full Sail University and and have had three successful  bands the most recent still  travels the country on an at least semi regular basis each year.   

So currently... I am focusing my efforts towards Voice Acting.  I am looking for my next achievement and this is the field I would like it to be in.  I still list a number of audio services as well as video production and smaller live performanceswith my Key West Style Acoustic Shows .  I am very driven to help my clients achieve the results they hope for and beyond.